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To kick start your career as a professional debt-crusher, we're giving away $1,000-$2,500 in SmarterBucks! And we're going to do it once a month, every month. Join SmarterBucks today for your chance to win. Already a SmarterBucks member? Don't sweat it. You're already entered.

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  • Hometown: Louisa, KY
  • College: Bellarmine University
  • Major: Psychology and Music
  • Goals post-college:
    I want to go on to grad school, become a doctor and become a therapist so I can help people who are suffering from depression and internal struggles.
  • What Katie had to say about winning $25,000 in SmarterBucks:
    “Now that this money is here and I can pay down the majority of my loans, I am thankful that I can go to grad school, I can get my doctorate degree. My future is now set and I have all these plans and goals.”


  • Hometown: Dorchester, MA
  • College: Our Lady of the Elms
  • Major: Psychology/Sociology
  • Goals post-college: Go back to school and become a child life specialist
  • What Dariana had to say about winning $1,000 in SmarterBucks:
    “I will almost have half of my student debt paid off and I will not have to stress too much about money.”


  • Hometown: Berkeley, CA
  • College: CSU Dominguez Hills
  • Major: Film & Media
  • Goals post-college: Working in the movie industry as an editor
  • What Aki had to say about winning $1,000 in SmarterBucks:
    “This contest helped me a lot because almost a fifth of my loan debt just went out the window—thanks so much! SmarterBucks helps me look at and reevaluate the way I spend my money and the ways I can make paying off my loan debt easier.”